About Our Company

Trust Worthy

Clients put a lot of trust in us. We do not take this lightly. We value honesty and reliability.


We strive to continuously better ourselves, broaden our horizons, increase experience


Our good reputation in the business environment is a reflection of our professionalism.

Who We Are

We Are Certified Accounting Experts

Prestige Accounting and Tax Services CC is an accounting firm offering a broad range of accounting, taxation, bookkeeping, management and business advisory services at a reasonable price to small and medium sized enterprises in Namibia.

Our clients range from private individuals to trusts and close corporations operating throughout a range of industries.

Our experienced team and integrated approach delivers innovation and insight into your financial situation, helping you to meet your taxation obligations, better manage your business and to improve your business health.

Whether your business is just starting up, or is a long-standing organisation looking for personal attention, a different perspective or more efficient ways to work, partnering with us will help you achieve those goals more effectively.

Meet Our Team


Fritz Coetzee

Fritz Coetzee

Registered Accountant, Practicing Member

Fritz joined Prestige Accounting and Tax Services CC in 2002. He is a Registered Accounting Officer in practice and member of the Southern African Institute for Business Accountants (SA) Nam.

Fritz is well organised, a team player and professional entrepreneur who believe in good service, satisfied clients and good relations. He is innovative and has a strong vision for the company.

Being energetic and a sport enthusiast playing golf from a single handicap, Fritz is also a keen mountain biker and loves outdoor activities.

Helene Meyer

Helene Meyer

Founder - Retired

Helene is the founding member of Prestige Accounting and Tax Services CC. Starting her career as Assistant Accountant in the former South West Africa Administration, she worked her way up to Chief Accountant at the Ministry of Finance. After independence, Helene resigned and moved to Swakopmund as Branch Manager of Alfa Co-op retailing outlet. After 2 years she moved back to Windhoek, returning to her first love being Chief Accountant, again at the Ministry of Finance, Bookkeeping Division. During this period Helene gained invaluable experience as she was directly involved in training of 26 ministries.

In 1994 Helene was transferred to the then new regional office of Inland Revenue in Walvis Bay where she started as Senior Taxation Officer in Desk/Field Audit Division where she gained extensive knowledge in all tax divisions. During these years, Helene became aware of the lack of general taxation knowledge amongst small business owners and individual salaried persons. Being a strong leader with an undeniable passion and drive, Helene took the opportunity in 1998 and started her own firm, calling it Prestige Accounting. Helene’s vision is based on the wise words of Robin Sharma: “A leader requires no title. Just a dream, a devotion and the fire to start!”

Today, Helene believes very strongly that by GRACE alone, her dream became a reality with Prestige Accounting and Tax Services CC being one of the leading accounting firms at the coast of Namibia today.

Helene retired from Prestige Accounting and Tax Services CC in Feb 2021 and will be missed by all in the company. Apart from her knowledge she invested through the years in the Company, she also build trusted relationships with staff and clients alike.

Our Team of Experts

Make our team your team. Work with professionals in every area of accounting, tax and business finances. We are looking forward to be working with you.


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Happy Clients

Qualified & Experienced Accountants

Coenie van Wyk

Coenie van Wyk

Head Accounting & Training Dept

Phone: 064-406013 ext 104
Email:  acct2@prestige.com.na


Want to work for us ?

We currently have no vacancies, but if you are interested in joining our team please contact our HR Department.

Email our HR Department:
email: haroldine@prestige.com.na
Please include your CV.

If a vacancy opens up, we will be in touch.

Fritz Coetzee Jnr

Fritz Coetzee Jnr

Registered Accountant

Phone: 064-406013 ext 120
Email:  acct4@prestige.com.na

Chantal De Waal

Chantal De Waal

Secretarial and FIA

Phone: 064-406013 ext 100
Email:  secretarial@prestige.com.na

Magdalena Wimbu

Magdalena Wimbu

Filing Clerk

Phone: 064-406013 ext 109
Email: filing2@prestige.com.na

Nicole Taylor

Nicole Taylor


Phone: 064-406013 ext 103
Email:  acct5@prestige.com.na

Augusta Dick


Phone: 064-406013 ext 100
Email:  reception@prestige.com.na

Elizabeth Zigweda

Elizabeth Zigweda


Boris Kulikowski

Boris Kulikowski

Junior Accountant

Phone: 064-406013 ext 103
Email:  acct3@prestige.com.na

Jaquiline vd Merwe

Senior Bookkeeper

Phone: 064-406013 ext 105
Email:  bkk1@prestige.com.na

Hambleni Likius

Hambleni Likius

Tax Administrator

Phone: 064-406013 ext 115
Email:  filing@prestige.com.na

Haroldine Mouton

Haroldine Mouton

HR & Tax

Phone: 064-406013 ext 107
Email:  tax1@prestige.com.na

Zanilee Thierauch

Senior Bookkeeper

Phone: 064-406013 ext 117
Email:   bkk2@prestige.com.na

Vision & Mission


Our Vision

It is our vision to be a premier accounting, tax and business consulting firm where the interest of clients are begin cared for in a professional way by meeting their needs in a responsive manner.

Our Mission

Our main purpose as a firm is to be dedicated to the pursuit of professional excellence without compromise. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. We want happy clients. This we aim to do through our uncompromising dedication to our set of eight PRESTIGE core values. These core values form the foundation of how we do our work and how we conduct ourselves. In an ever-changing world, these core values remain constant.

Core Values



Our good reputation in the business environment is a reflection of our commitment to professionalism.  In all our dealings with people, be that clients, suppliers, staff or our community, we place a very high value on respect, courtesy and responsibility.



We respect and embrace diversity inside the organisation as well as outside. Our clients are not mass-produced and we do not treat them that way. The same goes for our employees. We foster a trusting, open environment where we could truly add value and make a difference to each individual crossing our path.



We strive to continuously better ourselves, to learn and to improve what we do and how we do it. Our staff is skilled and experienced and is carefully selected to ensure a very high level of competence.



We believe that cooperationteamwork and healthy interaction result in greater success. Without the combined efforts of individually talented people and the positive participation and active involvement of our clients, we will simply be an empty shell.



We believe in functioning as a team. It is a crucial part of our business for colleagues and clients to work well together using professional skills and constructive feedback.



Clients put a lot of trust in us. We do not take this lightly. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of integrity at all times and under all circumstances. We value honesty and reliability and we do not compromise on truth. We do not cut corners or find the easy way out. We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.



The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines gratitude as the state of being grateful; a feeling of appreciation or thanks. At Prestige Accounting and Tax Services we understand that without our loyal clients, we cannot exist. We need our clients. Our attitude towards our clients is strongly influenced by this fact.



Our greatest asset is our employees. We have taken a proactive stand on creating and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees. We encourage our employees to lead, to be positive, to have compassion. We acknowledge the rights and needs of our employees. We believe in educational activities, training and development to enhance the fulfillment and performance of employees.